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Ask for proofreading two days before the exam date!
"I am currently writing my bachelor's thesis. It only has 40 pages. Because I am not so good at spelling, I would like a proofreading. However, I have to hand in the work to the examination office the day after tomorrow. Can you manage that and how much would it cost?"

Such e-mails are a nightmare for every proofreader! I don't really have to say anything more about it, let alone give any reasons. Or has anyone ever seriously asked a car mechanic whether he can repair a total loss of a car after a major crash in two days? Okay, you may forgive me now for comparing https://editius.com/dissertation-editing-services/ final theses with a total loss on a car. But repairs - whether to a car or to a thesis - take time. After all, no one wants to drive on with a car that is only half repaired just because the mechanic didn't have enough time for the repair.

Can a meaningful text sample (approx. 4 to 5 pages) of the work be sent along?
Only on the basis of a meaningful text sample can a concrete offer be made. By proofreading these pages, the https://editius.com/thesis-proofreading/ can estimate the actual effort required. Some theses are already well formulated and formatted, so that the proofreader can concentrate more on checking the content. Still other papers must first be cleared of gross spelling deficiencies as a first step before the content component can be considered. And this, of course, takes much longer and costs more time. Therefore, the amount for one thesis can be a fraction of an offer for another thesis - but these price differences do not depend on the mood of the https://editius.com/paper-formatting-service/, but on the factors mentioned above.

In concrete terms, this means: Make sure you have your thesis proofread in good time, i.e. ask for it at least 1-2 months in advance. Well-booked proofreaders often have no more free capacities for several weeks! If the deadline for the thesis is already known, calculate at least 8 weeks back and then start looking for a free proofreader. Then communicate concrete deadlines and ask by when at the latest the finished work is needed so that the schedule can be met.

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