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The day before yesterday, a workshop was held for journalists and a tour of the center launched by "Siddiqi Holding" and located in Capricorn Tower, which highlighted the various aspects that are dealt with in the workshop, starting from cleaning, ending with polishing, changing the battery or even replacing damaged parts in the event of a defect. What's the hour? Through the work in the workshop, it was possible to learn about issues related to the types of watches, the way they work, and how the pieces overlap and work from the inside, in addition to dismantling and reassembling some parts of less complicated watches. The tour highlighted the mechanism of working on the watches and the measurement of water pressure, as well as polishing and repairs.

One of the things that distinguishes the center is the presence of 59 professional technicians in the maintenance service of Swiss watches, who are able to carry out their work on approximately 60 different brands of this type of watch, while they have 200 thousand spare parts available in the center. The roots of the center go back to 1964, when it developed from a small workshop with one specialized technician in the Murshid market in Dubai, who used to maintain approximately 400 hours annually, to an integrated center that provides maintenance services for more than 350 thousand hours annually. The services provided by the “Swiss Watch Services” center include complete renewal, disassembly, cleaning, replacement of parts, checking the water resistance, and then reassembling it according to the standards followed by the manufacturer.

The general manager of the center, Marco Bernasmoni, told Emirates Today, "The idea of launching the center took shape since 1964, when there was one craftsman who provided maintenance for the watches, while today, after 50 years, we have the ability to provide care for 350,000 hours. Most of them are from the Emirates, along with some clients from the Gulf and the region. He pointed out that the provision of services in Swiss watches will be important, especially for those who own these valuable watches, as their number is large, and they used to send their watches abroad, and today there is no need to send them abroad to perform routine maintenance, explaining that the watch will need a week to replace the battery, While you may need a month to get maintenance for the mechanics. He pointed out that there are two types of watches, "quartz" watches that operate with a battery mechanism, and complex ones that operate according to difficult mechanics, noting that the center deals with both types. He pointed out that "quartz" watches do not need more than one battery replacement and it takes only one week, while mechanical watches need a long time, because they contain hundreds of parts that must be dismantled and reassembled carefully. He pointed out that the waterproof watch needs to check this feature once every four years, while the period is reduced to one year if the user swims a lot. And he stressed that «services are divided into two parts, services related to parts, and they are available for a large percentage of Swiss watches, with some watches for which we do not have spare parts. This is in addition to cleaning services, a five-level polishing service, a water resistance test service, a thermal shock service, and other equipment to monitor the mechanical performance of each watch separately.

Bernasmoni confirmed that the watches that are taken care of start at 1,000 dirhams and reach millions, pointing out that what distinguishes the center is providing service to a large number of brands, as it is the only one in the world that provides service to about 60 brands, and this is unprecedented. And he believed that selling the watch is an incomplete task, and that the after-sales maintenance process is the complementary part, explaining that the most prominent characteristic of the center is the passion of the technicians, as they carry within them good experience, as well as their passion for this profession, because it reduces the waiting time by a period of up to Two full months, in addition to significantly reducing the maintenance cost. For his part, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Siddiqui Holding”, Abdul Hamid Ahmed Siddiqi, said: “The Swiss watch services center has expanded, and its expertise has been enhanced to keep pace with the great passion for acquiring luxury and precious watches in the Middle East, based on the urgent need in the region for a center that provides maintenance services for watches.” Luxurious according to the best international standards. He pointed out that the center is distinguished by being integrated, as it is in a distinguished location, and is equipped with the latest expertise and technical equipment to provide service and reliable technical knowledge.

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